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Instrument cluster urgent help!

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  • Instrument cluster urgent help!

    2001 SL2

    So i picked up some B8.3D's from Super Bright LEDs, Inc. and they are White in color. Heres my problem.

    After replacing all the factory bulbs (least all 6 that light up behind and on top of the gauges) only the two high mount bulbs will work. The dimmer switch controls their brightness, but the actual bulbs BEHIND the gauges wont seem to turn on, none.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I took them out and retwisted them in and no dice..

    If I cant get this fixed this will be like the 100th time I have taken the dash apart and also driven across I-90 pass without dash lights..
    2001 SL2 Turbo (Retired)
    2001 SC1 (1st Gen DOHC Head Swap, Twin-intake mod)

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    Try rotating the bulbs 180 degrees and re-install them. LED's have to be installed a certain way because they have polarity. They'll only work if + is going to +, where as with a regular bulb, it doesn't matter.

    Oh, and check it before you put it all back together.
    2007 ION QC3


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      Are we sure thats the correct replacement behind the cluster?
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        mine were doing that too. I kept unplugging the gauges and messing with the lights and nothing worked. I finally decided to leave everything plugged in and mess with the bulbs while everything was on. Turns out i just needed to nudge em one way real quick to turn em on.


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