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trying out some new paints...

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  • trying out some new paints...

    I'm doing a valve cover for myself, and I'm trying out some new powder coats. Today was the "chrome" paint experiment.

    prep - I sanded it down, and removed the lettering. I have something going in place of the regular Saturn letters later on down the road.

    coating - This is an electric or statically charged paint. You can see the grounding wire underneath it as I coat it with the "reflective chrome" paint from Eastwood.

    Here's how that came out after baking it.

    Not bad for a paint. I wasn't expecting these results.
    I noticed that the powders like to clump a bit, so I used a regular paint strainer before loading the gun, and that reduced the bumps, but you can still see a few on there, right where the lettering was. Doesn't matter on this one, I have something to cover it up with.

    BTW - never sand powdercoats then try to reshoot it.

    After the chrome, I'm using a translucent color to go over the top of it. This one will be green. I'm sure most of you saw the red one that's on the car now....same type of paint.
    I'll post pics when it's completed....but it may be a while.
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    holy shit...stop the presses! Is this JAY...actually doing something for HIMSELF, for a change!?!?!?

    That came out shit hot man...


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      that is haut, I want one too.


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        looks good man. I was thinking about piocking up one of those eastwood power coating kits myself. However, I dont have a spare oven available [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif[/img]


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          Looks awesome!
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            You do composite covers? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]
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              Hmmm, I may have to actually put that spare oven my folks have in the their basement to good use.


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                hot damn that is bling tastic
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                  Looking good Jay! I see good things...

                  ...want to do a set of alloys? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]
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                    nice...really nice...want another valve cover to do? lol
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                      HAWT SHIT JAY!

                      This just gave me more ideas though... LOL!
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                        wow that came out fantastic jay...


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                          Originally posted by MGM1979
                          holy shit...stop the presses! Is this JAY...actually doing something for HIMSELF, for a change!?!?!?

                          That came out shit hot man...
                          Yeah, he wanted me to do it for him. I said he is on his own on this one. I can't always be there to do everything.
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                            That is pretty sweet Jay and will look sharp with the translucent green over it.

                            I have used a chrome paint for other things but it requires a black basecoat first and not near as tough as that powdercoat stuff. Might have to look into that, could certainly do some neat stuff with it.
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                              wow... i have to learn to powdercoat
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