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    im working on tinting my tails any suggestions on a good spray on clear?
    92 SC daily beater l 77 chevy 4x4 waiting to be fixed l 01 durango DD/toy hauler l 08 Mazda3 wifes new ride

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    Take it to a body shop and have em clear them.

    I gave the guy $20 for his time and he was happy.


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      yea rattle can clear doesnt work too well. I know from experience.. it kinda makes it cloudy


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        well ive got a gun and compressor should i just go to an automotive paint store buy a high grade clear and spray it myself?
        92 SC daily beater l 77 chevy 4x4 waiting to be fixed l 01 durango DD/toy hauler l 08 Mazda3 wifes new ride


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          I used some Duplicolor clear on mine with wetsanding between all of the 6 coats and they turned out very nice. Prep is key as with any painting. Matches the car just right if you ask me.


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            I used duplicolor as well, but I didn't wetsand between every coat. It's not perfectly even, or as glossy as i'd like, but I haven't buffed them yet. Shaolin, how did you red them? It looks perfectly even
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              I also used the Duplicolor clear without wet sanding between coats. I just sprayed a few light coats and then sprayed a final heavy coat and they came out pretty good.

              Jeff 1999 Saturn SL2


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                ^^ i love your car every time i see it
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                <br />7/17/2006


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                  i too used duplicolor clear. I didnt wetsand wither, and it came out great. It just gets dusty between car washes.
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                    Originally posted by 99_SL2
                    ^^ i love your car every time i see it

                    That blue is so nice on that car, and it looks even better in person.

                    I also went the duplicolor route with some minor prep and they came out nicely.

                    The bodyshop would certainly be the best bet but if you are patient with the can, it can look almost as good.
                    1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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                      you can use dupicolor and have a good turnout. I have a perfect example too. normally you'll get an orange peel texture to a clear coat. especially bad with rattle can but it can be remedied with color sanding. thats where you take a high grit sandpaper like 1500-2000. 1000 if you have really bad orange peel and have plenty of clear to work with. then you buff it and polish it out.

                      Here is a guitar hero controller I was working on. same clear coat just the first picture is before the color sanding and polishing.


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                        Just take it to a body shop. They will do the best job, and will probably charge you about how much you would spend in materials.
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                          taking your time is the keey i have seen taillight look both good or shitty with and with out theclear u just gotta work at it


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                            i tried to use some crappy clear coat on my tail lights and yeh, it didn't work. i forget who it was made by. if i was gunna do it again i'd take it to a shop.

                            real quick hijack, jester, how did u paint ur sideskirts?
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                              I just scuffed them up and cleaned them real good. We then sprayed an adhesion promoter on them and then primered and sanded them smooth before painting them.
                              Jeff 1999 Saturn SL2


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