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Got my 8000k bixneon HID's installed

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  • Got my 8000k bixneon HID's installed

    Ive never been in a car with hids ond omg do the rock. I live in a fairly rual area with a ass load of deer so thes are gonna be awsome. Plus they look cool. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img] Please excuse the daytime pic I need to wash my car.

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    nice, how much did they run you? Where'd you buy them?


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      My finacee rocks they were an early xmass present. I picked them out though.


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        looks nice wonder how they'd look on a sl2 sedan.. hmm pretty cheap though.

        i think i would get a 8000k like yours or maybe get the 6000k
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          i'd go for the 4300... brighter and better looking. not a fan of purple or blue headlights. i guess its better than yellow.
          lawd it's been a long time


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            when i get the money to do that im probly getting the sake as you(8000k)....and yellow fog lights...

            the s-series people need to buy highs and lopws
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              Mine are high low too. When I put them on high beam the bulb moves up . Its pretty cool.


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                Originally posted by 1Bad93BlueBlack

                the s-series people need to buy highs and lopws
                From what I understand, you cant... Xenon takes too long to activate, so you cant switch back and forth quickly with a two bulb setup. You use the xenon for lows, halogen for highs... kinda defeating the purpose in having them at all.
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                  well i just decided what i'm spending my bday money on...


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                    christmas, is great time to buy...hmmm i like it, even though my headlights are bright you can always go BRIGHTER
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                      i just sold mine, they were alright. Looked good and all but produced a good bit of glare. I actually got laughed at on HID planet. So I'm getting ready to start on my new setup as soon as I finish up this semester ...... Wednesday [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif[/img]

                      and travis you are right about the xenon taking too long to use as a High beam option.

                      However, there are OEM Bixenon projectors, the cutoff shield is attached to an actuator, and when you hit the highs, the shield moves down.

                      as for me, mine SHOULD output a little something like this if everything goes as planned ........

                      Image stolen from haknslash at HIDPlanet


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                        Oh noes, looks like Supracharged might beat me to it. Oh well, if you do it before me, I'll probably be asking you lots of questions.

                        I went on HIDPlanet and was gonna post up mine as well till I read all the people who hate on kits. I decided it was in my best interest to not post up my HIDs.

                        hemken, you will never want own a car without em again, at least that is how I feel.


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                          Yea I agree with you scotty I love them so much. Why do people hate on kits so much? Is it because you didnt spend a ton of hours crafting one foryourself. I have minimal glare a ton less than I thought I would.


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                            its mainly because of
                            1. oncoming traffic. when you drive you can always tell an aftermarket setup vs an OEM setup. These were designed for halogen bulbs and HID bulbs just put out too much light and it goes everywhere.

                            2. OEM setups are brighter becuase they were designed for a xenon bulb and they typically use a 4300K bulb, which is much brighter than the 8000K setup you have. And even though they are brighter, they are easier on other motorists becuase they were designed to only put out light below a certain point. Look at that picture I posted, notice how almost NO light is above the cutoff. Now park your car 25ft from a wall and look at how much you have about where that line should be. I'd be interested in a picture if you dont mind and have a camera.


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                              Ill take a pic in like 30 mins when its completly dark out. I know the 8000k arent the brightest of the hids out there but I wanted a little bling. lol Pictures will be up in about in hour. Over and out.


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