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    Can't really be repaired.

    Probably BAD. Check eBay.
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    id just replace the fender, the exterior door skin, and the hood. All of those can be purchased cheap at a junkyard, ebay, or through forums where people are parting vehicles out. It would all need painted of course, but getting these parts would be cheaper than trying to have the plastic repaired.
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      6th planet has factory seats, but they like to overcharge a bit.


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        boneyard. Pick the saturns clean.

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          yup. i found about 5-7 saturns at a local u-pick-it type of place. and they only want $20 a seat.
          lawd it's been a long time


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            Originally posted by dream36realms
            6th planet has factory seats, but they like to overcharge a bit.
            ...and they like to rip people off and treat them like crap...
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              what color / model seat you need? That might help you some


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                and, the panels can be repaired if its not too bad. but its honestly not worth the work. Pull one from a junk yard or like someone mentioned get one from the F/S section


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                  1991-2002 S-series front seats will swap, and bolt holes didnt change.
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                    you will need tyo modify the seats if you are swapping 99.5+ coupe in and out of any other S-series. I am also looking for seats but I want leather(any color in good condition) off of any DOHC(more features), anyone?


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                      you could fix a crack with a soldering iron but of course you'd have to top your work off with bodywork and a repaint. it might be easier to find a color matched vehicle at the junk yard.


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                        might work if its just a crack

                        (omg 100 posts!!)


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                          you can repair the panel, but no bondo is going to do it [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img] . im probably going to be repairing my front fender since i cant find a replacement other then but they want WAY TOO MUCH. junkyards in the area have 1 but at $75 i think ill pass.

                          oh yeah i have seats. been reupholstered with green tweed and black vinyl. but i think if i sell them, probably have to go local pick up as shipping will kill. ive already got racing seats
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