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    Does anyone Know If i Get the Lambo Doors for My 98 SC off ebay. if they are direct Bolt on or do i got to get them welded?

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    Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good Saturn with something like that??? I hear they are a total pain in the ass, also can't open your doors when your in a garage. Also the good ones cost in the thousands.
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      Originally posted by SC2sleeper
      Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good Saturn with something like that?
      Because he wants to and its his car. With that said pretty much nothing you buy off eBay will be a direct bolt on application, there all going to need some tweaking/welding/fabrication to work correctly. I can only remember seeing 2 lambo Saturns, that yellow SL and I swear I've seen a 2nd gen SC. I think my 3rd gen sc would look sexy with butterflies and shaved handles. Maybe some day.

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        search around cardomain, there are a few on there that have them
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          almost nothing is going to be direct bolt-on, and expect to spend well over 1000 bucks


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            actually, you might be able to find direct bolt-on... but the car isn't made to hold that weight, so even if you find a direct bolt-on, the doors' weight will bend the metal at the mounting point, causing the doors to sag and damaging the car.

            Lambos can be done, but not cheap or easy.
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              yeah there is a guy in a black 3rd gen SC2 with APC lipkit that was all smaxhed up, and I asked him bout it. The EBAY ones work but require alot of fab workbehind the fender, door, and move the antanae(I think that was his), the guy with the EBAY setup(and extra work) said it cost him almost the same as buying a good one


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                i had them on my old car that was a 98 sc but we didn't use a kit we built the whole thing from scrach. heres the site: they worked great but took a long time to build.

                i miss that car [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]


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                  please, for the love of God, step away from lambo doors.

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                    I got mine from, and with the kit and labor, they were $2200...

                    Here's a pic...

                    All I've got to say is, don't go the cheap route. That's the problem with Saturn owners...they take the cheap route for damn near everything. Some stuff costs a lot for a reason. You can't shortcut everything.
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                      ^^^whats up dood?? havent heard from you in awhile!!


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                        Originally posted by phat95nosdsc2
                        ^^^whats up dood?? havent heard from you in awhile!!
                        What's up!

                        Man, I've been around...finishing up the car, and I just had a lil' girl...she's almost 3 weeks old. A lot of the boards have had blahzay topics (mainly the Spot), so I'm on there...but there's nothing to post about!

                        The car is basically done; we're just going over it, and putting the entire thing in primer.
                        I'm on 20's, shaved, bagged, kitted w/Lambo doors and soon to be boosted...what more could you ask for?


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