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    I seriously cant find anyone around here that does full body Im looking at MAACO now which has a few locations near me...

    Im just looking for a complete color change, nothing special. I want to convert to black

    Id obviously get best package they have, "The Signature"

    One of the things thats a must do is the removal of ALL body panels, not just sand prime and spray while its on the car

    Anyone have any experience with them???


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    Re: MAACO

    Originally posted by getz_999
    Anyone have any experience with them???
    Not first-hand.

    I looked into Maaco a couple of years ago when it was time to paint my Jetta. I ended up not going with them based on everything I read.

    Summary: Maaco is the place you go when you're looking to sell your car. That way, the next owner gets to deal with re-spraying it every other year.

    Most of the "reviews" you'll find are of Maaco's cheap (<$300) paint job; and obviously, you get what you pay for. I don't know how much better their "Signature" job is, so I'm not going to make any assumptions there.

    What's wrong with yellow, anyway? Does it hide the truly massive size of your schwantz?


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      if you want all the panels taken off, you're going to have to do taht yourself and take them in. I highly doubt they will do that


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        I've seen some Maaco jobs, and they always look terrible. You can always see dust under the paint, orange peel, and just very bad paint job overall.
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          find a good painter, with a nice shop and get him to shoot your car, maaco and earl shives are on about the same craptastic level - one exculsion if you do all the prep work your self, and babysit them while they paint, but be ready to give up a few days.
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            dont do it!
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              You know, not all maccos do a bad job. now granted, each one will be different, but theres two of them near where I live and both do quality work. one of them did my uncles 70s sumthin vette, he had it painted like a jet black, turned out great, so really I think they could be ok, just look at other cars that that shop has painted
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                Right, I know the majority of the people who go with MAACO get the cheapy paintjob, hell thats why they are going to MAACO in the first place

                And I like the yellow, but prefer black. The car has chips ALL over the hood and doors, scratches on the roof and rear decklid and bumper from the previous owner.

                I drove 2 hours after seeing the car on the net to see it on person, and after being told the car was in excellent condition. The car ran flawless and the interior was actually immaculate...but the paint was in bad condition. They wanted 8900 before tax tags and title and I basically said "Come down enough for a new paint job and I'll CONSIDER it" I walked out the door paying 7600 AFTER tax tags and title


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                  you and your 2 year old nephue can do better with spray cans than MAACO will do

                  most good body shops will ask over 3 grand for what your asking

                  it will be cheeper to keep the car yellow


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                    I had my wagon painted there a while back and i've dealt with a few places before and i was honestly surprised at how good it came out. It cost nearly $500. At earl shives, they do a god damn terrible job. I really like how clean a job they did. Its been a year and it still looks as good as new. I still prefer the stock paint job though on my sc2.


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                      Maaco? LMAO!! :lol:


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                        He didn't want to buy the car because rice boy here wants to put neons in it and blue neons don't go good with yellow.

                        You should get it sprayed F*F neon green.
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                          bitch, ill cut you


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                            Zoh My God Roffle LeMayo


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                              rattlecan flat black would be better than a MAACO job
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