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  • Whats it looklike back there

    okay the lights behind my guage cluster are in dire need of replacing. i can't tell how fast i'm giong unless i'm going over 60.. an di never go over 60 because i never go on the highway... yeah.

    So anyway, if i was to tear apart the dash, what will i find back there? The plan is to replace with LEDs.

    oh yeah, its a 1994 SL1
    lawd it's been a long time

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    not sure about 91 but i know on 99(my car) and 00(girlfriends car) you remove the clusters as one unit with 2 screws and then on the back are twist in bulbs that are so wierd i have never been able to find any. I went to all the auto parts places and they all told me to go to the dealer.


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      a couple of my girlfriends bulbs went out, so i moved a few off the tach and onto the speedo(she drives an auto)


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        ah. well i'm going to be replacing the whole lot with LEDs.. and if in one knows... where do i tap in to power them? obviously i can't just wire them up to any 12v source cause they'll be on 24/7 (not like thats a huge problem... LEDs don't draw much power.) but i'd rather it not happen, thats also kind of ghetto.

        suggestions anyone?
        lawd it's been a long time


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          If you can get the old bulb out of the twist base it's in without the bulb breaking (it's pretty easy to do, just have to pull firmly without squeezing the bulb really hard), you can put the LED in it's place, and then solder the wires into place just like they were for the bulbs, then reinstall, and you're done.

          I did my buddy's EVO VIII and YZF R1 this way, using blue LEDs I had acquired over time from alarm system installs. Unfortunately, the only picture I could find was from the A/C controls in the EVO. (sorry for the cell phone quality pic, but you get the idea)


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            cool. i may have to buy this gauge cluster off ebay than... hrm.
            lawd it's been a long time


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              ohh yeah. i havn't looked much or checked my haynes yet 9wil shortly), but what tools will i need to get this out if i go to a junkyard for it?
              lawd it's been a long time


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