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  • My Completely Original Idea


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    LOL...I was gonna do that as soon as I got a front clip with a cluster in the body shop.

    looks good.
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      i remember lilcraigford's father posting up him doing that about a month ago [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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        What are those gauges out of?


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          Originally posted by HighEnd777
          What are those gauges out of?


          also, the subject has a lil bit of sarcasm in it. He knows he's not the 1st one to do it.
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            A 03-05 Vue.

            And it wasn't lilcraigford's dad that did it first. It was Billy (SupraCharged007). Although he changed them. ... ht=jealous

            This is just the Vue cluster swapped in.
            And he's being sarcastic about the title.

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              You may have a VUE cluster but...

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                yes i was being sarcastic

                but im also the only one I know of that has just swapped the whole cluster instead of tearing everything apart and mix and matching pieces

                And Tek

                I did it cuz "it make my dookie twinkle...."


                • #9
                  Originally posted by getz_999
                  I did it cuz "it make my dookie twinkle...."
                  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that's fucking great

                  gauges look good too, nice job asshole lol


                  • #10
                    not because its the most baller thing ever... but it makes my dookey twinkle


                    • #11
                      looks good. I still like the S black faces better. But to each his own

                      btw, shoulda blocked out the Service light cause its prolly not gonna go off haha. I just stuck some foil over mine hehe


                      • #12
                        well mine was on when i put those in, but are you saying it will always be on even when im not throwing a code?

                        as a saturn tuner, ive grown used to the friendly orange glow, it comforts me


                        • #13
                          Yea I erased the codes (that werent there lol) and it still stayed on. Lemme know if yours decides to turn off though.

                          lol also, did you hit your trunk release and check out the gauges yet? hahaha


                          • #14
                            no, am i in for a suprise?


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by getz_999
                              no, am i in for a suprise?
                              lolz, not THAT big of a surprise, just a lil funny is all

                              do it, do it


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