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    pick out some rimssss!!
    i'm shooting for somethign black.. shiny and black. around 15". $200-$300 max.

    i need new rubber, so why not buy some new wheels too? i'm looking on ebay and finding sutff in that price but im not sure how they'll look on the car.

    konig heliums or something like that would be awesome. do they still make them?
    lawd it's been a long time

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    kinda cheap don't you think?


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      yeah i know. theres a company that sells the heliums on ebay for around $360.. very tempting. I did see a few deals going on ebay for around $250-$300 in the size and such that i want.. (which is where i got that price [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif[/img])

      but i was looking for the price of rims without tires, if that makes it better.
      lawd it's been a long time


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        I would go for the heliums if the dude on ebay sells them for that price. They're about as light as you're going to get for the money, and look great to boot.
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          The "classic" Rota Slips usually go pretty cheap...
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