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high and low beam switch???

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  • high and low beam switch???

    is there any way i can get a switch or something that would keep my high and low beams on at the same time so it will increase my night vision???

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    do you enjoy blinding people?? or do you have a death wish?

    other than that........ummm i dunno you got a wiring diagram?
    Fucking Pringle bastards.


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      Originally posted by brokenheadz2003
      do you enjoy blinding people?? or do you have a death wish?

      other than that........ummm i dunno you got a wiring diagram?
      SF answer much? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img]

      Anyways, he still wants to be able to turn the high beams off, he just doesn't want to lose the lows when he turns them ON.
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        yea i got a wiring diagram in my hanes i believe and yes i want to only have the high and lows on together when i turn the highs on.


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          ive wondered the same thing but got nowhere
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            you shouldn't do this for 2 reasons: it blinds other drivers, ande you'll probably get a ticket for driving with the highbeams on assuming you're not in an area with no cars or light.
            lawd it's been a long time


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              high beams alone blind drivers.. hes not trying to drive with them on..
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                I have to wonder if the reason they don't run at the same time is because of the daytime running lamps. If you modified for your highs to keep the normals on you might not be legal, I don't know. I guess it could be rigged through a relay to the switch.
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                  i plan on turning them off when other drivers are around i just feel my high beams are angled a little to high, but my lows are prefect so together they are a good combo but alone my high beams are a little to high.


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                    I know what he means... when ur alone on a dark road, try holding the high beam switch back without disengaging the lowbeams. It lights up ALOT more. Itd only be used on dark roads alone anyways i assume...

                    Idk how it would be done tho.



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                      I hear ya.

                      Just switched to Silverstars this weekend, but only on my lows, the highs give me barely more light. Need to switch those as well and see if there's a difference.

                      My folks live several miles out in the country in deer territory, it would be nice if there were a quick and easy mod to get this to work, I never feel that comfortable driving out there in the twisties on dark evenings for visits...seems something is always hell-bent on suicide and ready to jump out in front of you.
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                        I had a PDF file about how to do this on a saturn... I'll see if I can dig it up for ya

                        I think you just had to add in an extra relay in the line
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                          just hold on the switch when you are going to turn on the high beams. that is the only way it can work.
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                            nah, theres a way somehow. I just forget how.l


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                     ... index.html

                              you're welcome


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