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Newest mod pics of the SL2

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  • Newest mod pics of the SL2

    Took some pics of my car from this past weekend at Nopi Nats in Atlanta.

    Just wanted to show off some of my latest mods. Warning the pics are very large.

    Under hood

    Tinted taillights (2 coats) then cleared them.

    Painted amp and sub setup

    Xbox painted to match car.

    Orange painted guage cluster needles. Painted them with UV paint and put in 2 UV leds so they will glow at night when the instrument lights are on.

    Tinted sidemarker

    A shot showing my newly painted calipers. The main body of the caliper is blue and the caliper brackets are black. Also my new 17" Konig Rizen wheels wrapped in 215/40/17 Falken FK-452's

    Rear headrest modified from Escort front seat headrest.

    A cool shot of the reflection of my car in my buddies SRT-4
    Jeff 1999 Saturn SL2

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    Looked great at the show dude. I will always love that blue.
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      definately a great looking car


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        Those taillights are hot.


        • #5
          friggin clean.......I LOVE THAT SHIT
          Fucking Pringle bastards.


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            sweeter than candy my friend. nicely done.
            98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
            94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
            94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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              very nice.
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                I remember way back in the day when you were doing your door panels. That thing has come a long way! Definitly looks good!!!
                Jeff W.
                Old Fella Nobody Remembers


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                  +1 for lookin good. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img] All this work... and still no power windows?
                  '99 SC2 Project Car build thread


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                    Looks damn good...

                    I'm amazed at how clean your engine is, and I said it before, but I'll say it need to mass-market that XBOX stand
                    I'm on 20's, shaved, bagged, kitted w/Lambo doors and soon to be boosted...what more could you ask for?


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                      damn man. clean car. nice to see some great craftsmanship like that in the turd scene!


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