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2005-2006 Saturn ION RedLine taillights

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  • 2005-2006 Saturn ION RedLine taillights


    Has anyone else had issues with them leaking? 1st my right did,.. then they replaced that, then the left started,.. now the right started AGAIN. The service department here tells me that "corporate" claims "due to temperature differences outside & inside" blah blah blah,.. they're blowin smoke up my ass. YOU CANNOT CREATE WATER IN A SEALED ENVIRONMENT!! Ugh!!

    So,.. I'm fitfully searching for a set of taillights that'll for the ION3/ ION RedLine style.

    A friend from here sent me a link to some, but if you look closely the 4dr ION taillights are different on the sides. Instead of the gentle "swoop" cut on mine,.. they have a angled cut.

    I'm despirate for help...

    reply here,.. or whatever. My yahoo ID is also [email protected]

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    Ebay is probably gonna be your best bet and you definately can NOT use the tail lights from a sedan.

    If the dealer is replacing them under warranty, I would just keep going back until I got a set that was good.
    1993 SW2 - Slow and Low


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      thx for the advice,.. I had thought of that,.. but IF I can find a LED taillight set I'd rather have that anyhow...


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        I agree with PF above. EBAY has carried me through most of my build. If something is hard to find or just plain overpriced, EBAY has bailed me out, so good luck man.


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          all years of the Quad Coupe/Redline tails and headlights are interchangable and the same.

          I've never had a set of tails leak ever, except when that tard hit me and broke mine and the damn car

          I'd check ebay or scrap yards.


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