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sl2 bodykits need help

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  • sl2 bodykits need help

    any companies that make bodykits for a 96 sl2 besides that r34 kit please pm me with sites im making a bday list parents said they will get me 1 if its not too expensive(so it has to stay under $1,000) they wont pay for performance mods so y not get a kit lol

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    i know of one better than the r34, can't remember the site.

    oh, here it is:

    they have one called the spyder kit. it looks pretty good.

    i know there's another out there somewhere that looks the one a bunch of people have on their eclipse's. I'll try and find it.
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    94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
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