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How LOW is too low on a car

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  • How LOW is too low on a car

    i have a saturn sc, which is lower 2"
    and i just bought my EVO 5 body kit..

    i kinda measure really quickly without installing my body kit.

    with the side skirt.
    i about 2.5" from the ground...
    anyone have experience with lowering car??

    is 2.5" enough to clear any speed bump!!!!!!
    or i should re-install my OEM shock and spring!!!

    or 2.5" from the ground is enough

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    you're going to need to be very careful driving around with bumps and curbs and such, that's not going to give much forgiveness in some situations.


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      yea i have a body kit, oem springs, and sitting on 18's.


      its still gonna hit your kit when you least expect it.
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        ya i know i ahve to forget car wash..
        but i just want to know if will be clear speed bump..

        if i measure quickly enought. i have 2.5 inch clearance in the front of side skirt.

        and on the back it 3inch clearance on the side skirt.


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          frame scrape is too low


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            the Evo kit is real low. if you keep it low and install that kit it will give you problems. I went with eibach springs KYB struts and the APC kit and still drag on my driveway if I am not careful


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              my car has some problems with certain speed bumps and driveways and i'm only dropped 1.5" and have a stock yeh. be careful.
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                wow..that really suck, i am gonna be lowering mine 2 inches, that is gonna be a b****


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                  thats my biggest issue with body kits. they look great with a drop but it comes at the price of damaging the kit. If I ever get a kit for a car it wil be for show perposes and will probably be bagged. I wish there were more lip kits out there. they look better in my opinion and are not as low as body kits.


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                    i have a wagon and its about 2.5 to 3 inches low......lower when showing due to coilovers......if you are worried about the speed bumps i would highly recommend going over them other words angle the car when going over them.....that is what i have to do with no kit on my car.
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