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  • AC66Bronco
    never had a stripping issue try taken it to your dealer and yell at them (dont really yell)

    as to the ratteling just turn it up thats what i do. ELEVATION FTW

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  • redline13
    started a topic License plate ???'s

    License plate ???'s

    Ok, so I was wondering if I can replace the plastic pieces that the bolts screw into to put the lisence plate on. My plate wobbles like crazy, and its because I can't tighten it as it should be because since those pieces are plastic, they are stripped. I tryed velcro (on the bottom of the plate) it worked for a while to hold it down, but once it started getting humid, all the adhesive went away. It also shakes like crazy (but that because of my system)

    Any ideas guys? Has anyone had this problem before?

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