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ion dash in first gen

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  • ion dash in first gen

    i like the way the ion's guage cluster is... be neat to see it done to a 1st gen or my wagon lol... i was thinking fiberglass then go over it with the "fleather" material and put my guage cluster up in the middle lol

    it would be a cool project a think..

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    If i ever had an ion, id wanna move the cluster in front of the driver. Prolly cant, but i like it better there.

    Your idea sounds like it could be a different look though. Seems pretty neat. If you can, go for it!



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      its more than likely possible. it may take some time an and planning, but still possible. you'd more than likely end up having to put the car aside for a while as it'd be hard to drive without a gauge cluster. (i'm guessing that you want to relocate the current gauge cluster, or did you want to put the one from an ion in.)
      lawd it's been a long time


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        you would have a lot of wiring to splice in at the connectors, and that's if the signal can even be read, not sure how it was altered if it was


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