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4 choices for a paint color: Help me pick the best one!

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  • 4 choices for a paint color: Help me pick the best one!

    Ok, I've narrowed it down to these 4 particular paint schemes. God forbid anything else comes up, but these are the 4 I've been feelin the most.

    Pick which one that you think would look best:

    #1---White with Carolina Blue pearl w/gold flakes (original scheme)

    #2---White with Lavender/Dark Purple pearl w/silver flakes

    #3---Silver with Carolina blue pearl

    #4---2-tone Lavender/Dark Purple combo (like the Magnum shown on pg.2)


    For "normalcy", 1/2 of me wants to do #3...

    For uniqueness, 1/2 of me wants to do #2...

    #4 is the shit, but I don't if I wanted to do it completely purple (which is why I opted for #2)

    #1 will look good, but it's too normal...not sure if i'd get bored with it or not.
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    with the contour of the body lines and stance of the car, I think 3 would look the best. maybe 4, but it might cause it to look like there's too much going on in the paint alone because of how you'll see that color on that car.

    I say 3.


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      Number 3

      im fond of baby blue

      and yes thats the factory color and im keeping it that color.

      chicks like a man with confidance to drive a car that color
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        # 3 blue
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          wish i could help, but im a basic person so i cant choose any of those.

          so i will go with everyone else, #3 [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img]
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                lawd it's been a long time


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                  #6 primer black with no clear or shine... roughrider style


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                    hell if you go his route.... just leave it how it is!
                    lawd it's been a long time


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                      so what colors are you useing on the interior? - that could affect your desion, especially with the purple and heavy flake colors.
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                        1 or 3


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                          #3 looks damn sexy to me
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                              i'd say #3 partially because you have a picture of the color.
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