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  • headliner issues

    i'm gonna be redoin my entire headlines. it's all broken.. not only the material. only question.. how do u remove the 3rd brake light? i ripped off my old headliner so i didn't worry about that but when i replace it i definately don't wanna break anything... thx.

    also... how do u remove the slider thing from underneathe the sunroof? the ting that slides so u can block the light from the sunroof... mine is broken. i seen two bolts holding it up and some rivet looking things. thx for the help

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    the brake light cover has metal clips on it, so just pry on it and it will pop loose.

    now the sunroof shade, you need to remove the glass first. once its out of the way, you will notice there are 4 slide/retainers that have springs on the back of them. just push the slide back to release it from the groove, then do it to the rest and it pulls right out.
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      thx a lot


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