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  • HID for less

    Ok here is the deal on these people. I have seen there kits in real life from one of my friends has it on his 02 Civic. Looks awesome. No partially looking yellow lights. This is a true conversion. Here is the site : . Its easy and the only effort you have to really do is hide the wires and the ballast(s). But of course that is up to you. I would actually like these cuz I cant really see with my regular lights. I was seriously like dman that must have been expensive but he got his kit for $279.00. Hopefully some of you will actually like this and its no ricey either. I plan on getting the kit as well.
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    wow for that kind of money i would expect injectin molded mounted systems too...


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      thats about what I paid for mine. probly the best mod to my car


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        great find Heath, now I have to put these back on my to-do list


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