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Steering Wheel Bosses for ION?

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  • Steering Wheel Bosses for ION?

    I can't for the life of me find a steering wheel boss that will work for the ION. I'd like to replace the stock one with an aftermarket one. Yes I understand that I will be removing the stock airbag, yes I understand that this is pretty much illegal...however since this is going to be a drag car I'd like to get rid of the stock steering wheel for looks and functionality.

    Any help here? Throw me a linky if you got one.


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    no luck when I looked a while back

    although, the newer wheels will fit, as will the redline wheel, and look a lot better than the bumper-car cushion I have going on in mine. maybe consider that Tim and you can still retain the airbag.

    -Vin on Frank's ID


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      Thing is I'm probably going with 4 point harnesses eventually, don't really thing airbags are going to help much with those. Depending on what I run at the track the rules will determine what I need be it: rollbar, harnesses or what.

      In any case, I'm going to get some Corbeau seats and Schroth 4pt's sometime in the near future. And I have the newer steering wheel anyhow, the one that looks like the RL but isnt leather wrapped...OOOOH. LOL



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