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  • need a bolt

    I tried to take the plate off the valve cover, the one that covers the spark plug wires, and one of the bolts was stuck really bad. stripped the hell out of it, but eventually got it out with one of those special drill bits.
    the saturn place says the don't carry replacements, and nobody around carries anything like it. i tried all the auto stores and hardware stores, and no luck.
    anyone know where i can get a replacement??
    -Kevin<br /><br />&quot;Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!&quot;<br /><br />

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    try modifiy the thing. worth a shot to put cool looking bolts different from stock


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      go to the junkyard and just pull one off. i'm an installer at circuit city and i go to the junkyard and steal various nuts and bolts that i won't find anywhere. comes in handy when ur taking a part dashboards all day and lose a screw or two in the process.


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