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Best body swapping combos?

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  • Best body swapping combos?

    As body, at least nose, swaps are getting popular now, the question arises:

    What combo is best swap? obv 95/96 SC noses are the best.

    I'll start:
    -2g and 3g SC noses look sweet on 2g and 3g SW's, for a modern look. They started the trend.
    -1g SC nose on SW for fun, quirky Saturn Scar mishmash. I would say onto 2g SL's here.

    How about for onto SL's? That hasn't been done as often yet.

    -An early 1g SC nose might look kinda cool on a 1G SW? to round vs the 80's square SL/W?

    I was randomly thinking about 1g SC but onto 2g SL. Wonder how that would look. Cutting would be required.

    Ready go!
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    After watching all the poor fitting body kits from the 90’s and 2000’s I’ve come to really appreciate clean lines that flow together. Unfortunately for all the Saturn nose swaps, other than a first gen sc1 to sc2 or vise versa, they just don’t line up well enough for me to care for them.
    Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
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