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Tools needed to unbolt rear seats supports and a couple odd balls

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  • Tools needed to unbolt rear seats supports and a couple odd balls

    Hey everyone I need to convert the sc rear seats to be so seats so I have 3 seats in the rear. Does anyone recall the tools needed? I am going to the junk yard this weekend and want to streamline the process .
    same for front seats what size are the bolts to unbolt front seats? I'm looking at 3rd gen sl since my SC is a 3rd gen.
    Side note can anyone recommend lowering springs and new struts to go with as well as poly motor mounts?

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    Sorry, this reply is months late. Did you get it?

    I don't remember the nut/bolt sizes for rear seats. The front seats are held down by torx bolts iirc. To get SL seats in a SC, you may have to move the upper catches on the rear package/speaker tray. That's what I had to do when I put 3rd gen SC seats into my 2nd gen SL. Also, you have to swap the seat support, they are different between buckets and bench.

    Check the other forums for advice on the spring hs etc. My vote is KYBs, H&R sports. For motor mounts, just go with quality stock replacement. All aftermarket ones give you is engimr vibration that gets old fast in a DD.
    It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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