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  • Originally posted by importsdontlikeme View Post
    I'm curious how this would benefit some of the higher horsepower cars that have torque steer issues. A S-Series with upwards of 400whp is an absolute handful to drive under hard acceleration if the road isn't perfectly flat.
    well torque steer is related usually to open diff, but I am sure that the original "soft" suspesion geometry had a part in it.

    the first guy that built the system used to do drag racing, and he said with new suspension there was a lot less wheel hopping.

    that is possible due to stiff geometry solution

    so, in my opinion it would definitely help


    • Pretty much every boosted Saturn I've ever owned or been in had a quaife or M Factory. Seems like once you cross that 350whp threshold the torque steer is an issue no matter what. Seems to me to road itself plays a huge role.

      Are you still offering the kits?

      Interested in a solid engine management system? Ask me about Electromotive engine management.


      • Yes of course! send me you email and we can start a conversation


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