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Lower A-arm Design Project

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  • wow amazing thread!!!

    any updates?


    • wonderful topic! any updates?


      • Amazing idea and work, this is definitely going to happen on my racer!


        • Originally posted by DNLT View Post
          wonderful topic! any updates?
          No real updates, about everyone involved in the discussion have moved on to other cars. My solution was to use an Ion subframe and lower control arms since I was already putting the engine and transmission in the SW2.
          Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
          Saturns, I have them, too many of them actually


          • Does it bolt straight in as it’s rumored to? I seen an old S series I thought about Ecotec swapping...
            2004 ION-2 sedan, L61/F23(M86), 170k and counting...
            Too many mods to list in sig, I don’t believe in “stock”...


            • It doesn't bolt right in but it close from what I hear.
              -6S Resident Mechanical Forensics member #001.
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              1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


              • Great to see that folks are still excited about this design project. Anyone with CAD skills want to take on further development? I would be willing to share my 3D files with the right person. The most awesome thing would be to develop a full sub-frame with integrated lower A-arm design. I definitely have the resources to have something like that fabricated.

                A few years ago Kim and I started and sell/produce products for van up-fitters. We also carry 3M Thinsulate(TM) acoustic insulation engineered for vehicles. We want to hire a CAD tech to come work for us in Hood River, OR. We have full version of Creo and also do CNC programming for our in-house CNC router. We are a growing company. We are SAE, ASME and SEMA members. Great opportunity to come work for us in one of the best playgrounds in the country. Bring your Saturn and I'll help you work on it and we can further develop the A-arm kit.

                Reach out to me via if interested.

                All the best,
                541 490 5098
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                current build: 95 wagon, completed build: 95 sc1 to DOHC


                • My 24 hours of Lemons buddy on the Product Design Saturn team have recently completed this project. I don't think they've raced the car yet with the new A-arms.


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                  • Amazing. Hein, do you want my email to send those CAD files to? I'd come down there to work but I don't know enough.
                    Beige 93 SC2, fully loaded, MS3 Pro, nitrous, Walbro 255, high compression. 155hp/296hp
                    Purple 93 SC2, Minus all options, but with rear discs. Turbocharged with a GT25R. MS2. 290hp
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                    • *Raises hand predictably*
                      I'm in for CAD work, can't move though.
                      It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


                      • Originally posted by The Shaolin View Post
                        My 24 hours of Lemons buddy on the Product Design Saturn team have recently completed this project. I don't think they've raced the car yet with the new A-arms.


                        well, it is us

                        we are following Hein and Coppertop idea and process, since it worked so well!

                        we got all the A-Arms laser-cut and welded professionally.

                        the lower ball joint plate was welded flat, since we run lowered

                        we changed slight the tubes and plates dimensions since we used higher quality steel

                        Strenx 100 for plate and Docol R8 for tubing

                        we are currently working on the subframe

                        unfortunately the CAD was not updated to the correct hole pattern for the lower ball joint, we'll fix that this weekend

                        we are working on a slightly different trans mount solution, we will have to keep the same engine height (because air scoop and ITBs)

                        we plan to race the car with the new setup by october.

                        I will keep you updated



                        • Is anyone still working on a bolt on version of this suspension? I'd really love to apply this to the off-road turd.


                          • DNLT, I have been watching pretty intently and enjoy the work. Keep it up!
                            It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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