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  • TAM retrofit

    Some of the ecotec engine mounts are a similar nature as the S -series TAM. I don't expect the bolts to line up, but i could procure an extra bracket to try seeing if i could adopt a mount. welding and grinding is totally in the question - thoughts? figured the 2.2 could have similar vibrations as the lesser balanced 1.9... i checked out toyota's but i didn't see anything close to drop in place (would be ultimate parts reliability)

    i wish i was smart enough to design something to fit, but that is beyond my mental capacity.

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    The Ecotec mount is just as fubar as the Ion gauge cluster.
    Since you're having to customize it anyway, might as well make it so it use's an "off-the-shelf" rubber or poly bushing. I don't remember the full details on this but it was some standard ES bushing part number and fairly standard size metal bits.
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      im looking for the factory fit though, where it keeps engine in place but doesnt transmit every vibe like a poly bushing. The goal is replicate factory performance which is unmatched so far.


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        you can get a bushing that would fit and be softer than a stiff poly just gotta search
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          I've always wondered about the ion/ecotec mount being made to fit. Planned to try when ours failed, but our ion has 116k and it's not failed yet soo...
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