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2005 Saturn ION 2.2 A/C Just quit

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  • 2005 Saturn ION 2.2 A/C Just quit

    Been out of the saturn thing for a decade now. Mom owns a 05 saturn ION with the 2.2 eco. I had borrowed while my Truck is in the shop for a recall. They a/c just suddenly stopped working.

    Checked the freon charge, pressure is spot on on my manifold gauges. The fuse, relay, and diode are all either good, or have been swapped with a known good relay/diode.

    How exactly does this vehicle cycle the clutch? Is based on a temp/pressure switch or commanded by the PCM? Is there anything I can test without a real scan tool (i just have a code reader).

    I was going to try and jump the clutch to +12v but I dont have any way to get service information anymore so I am really not familiar with GM's beyond the ls based trucks. Was a toyota tech, and most owned mazdas since I quit autocrossing my sc1.
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    You can try jumping power to the compressor clutch, just make sure the connector is unplugged so you don't back feed the diode and blow it out.
    It sounds to me like the compressor is shot. Unplug the connector and turn the a/c on and probe the harness terminals with a test light. If you get power then the coil in the compressor clutch is toast.
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      OK so you say the charge is good - are you refering to the static (compressor off ) charge?

      the question you need to ask is - are you getting 12v to the clutch. if not then you need to see what the AC pressure switch is doing. If you are then you know you either have a clutch or a compressor problem.


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