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2005 Saturn ION 2.2 A/C Just quit

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  • 2005 Saturn ION 2.2 A/C Just quit

    Been out of the saturn thing for a decade now. Mom owns a 05 saturn ION with the 2.2 eco. I had borrowed while my Truck is in the shop for a recall. They a/c just suddenly stopped working.

    Checked the freon charge, pressure is spot on on my manifold gauges. The fuse, relay, and diode are all either good, or have been swapped with a known good relay/diode.

    How exactly does this vehicle cycle the clutch? Is based on a temp/pressure switch or commanded by the PCM? Is there anything I can test without a real scan tool (i just have a code reader).

    I was going to try and jump the clutch to +12v but I dont have any way to get service information anymore so I am really not familiar with GM's beyond the ls based trucks. Was a toyota tech, and most owned mazdas since I quit autocrossing my sc1.
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