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2009 Saturn Vue p0171

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  • 2009 Saturn Vue p0171

    Hello new to the Saturn world here! I just got an amazingly clean 2009 Saturn with the 2.4 ecotech! It has a code for p0171 and runs slightly roughish at idle and idle bounces around 750-830 ish. I believe it is a bad maf sensor as g/s is about 1.78-2.40 at highest at idle and when reved to 3k it hits around 9 g/s. Shouldn't it be more like 4 or so g/s at idle and closer to 20 g/s at 3k rpms? I couldn't find what the ratings should be but, my 4 cyl Audi has higher g/s at idle and when revved. I have pics of my reading but for some reason they won't upload? Any input is appreciated trying to see if my readings are off before I spend 65 bucks on a new maf

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