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Are Vue and Ion radios backwards compatible to Scars?

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  • Are Vue and Ion radios backwards compatible to Scars?

    I have a wonky CD player and some of the later model Saturn radios have aux input.

    Curious if I any of the Vue or Ion radios will work in a 2001-2002 S?

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    Not sure, the anti theft stuff might get mad. If they even fit.
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      That's about the same price as a junkyard radio that probably doesn't fit
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        Tried to get an ion radio to work in my 01, didn’t like the can bus signal for the turn on even with the external ion amp. While keeping a stock looking one might be nice, aftermarket is really the way to go.
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          First generation Vue's radios work with S cars, however second generation and up they are the same as the Ion, which won't work. I got a Cobalt one to plug in to my SC2 once, but as stated above, it didn't work at all so that was a bummer.
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            I’d almost bet that the radio from an 03-04 ION may work, since it looks nearly identical to the base cd unit used in the third gen S series...
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