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    Time for a little thread resurrection.

    Rather than starting a new thread since this one has already covered most of the basic info I thought I would continue this a bit further.
    After reading all the suggestions I'm leaning to the polk DXi/db series 6.5's in the wagon. I've never had a car with a decent (anything better than stock speakers) system so I'm totally new at this. I have done pro sound for recording and live events for quite a few years but its a whole different ball game when it comes to this small enclosed space called a car. The preference of this is operating on around a $500 budget building the system by trying to pick up quality used components.

    Would it be worth my while to go with one of the systems with individual tweeters and cross over for the front? Say like the DXi6500 in the fronts and then DXi650 with built in tweeters in the rear? Does anyone have any experience with the differences between the DXi6500 and the DXi6501 and then the DXi650/651 other than the 1 versions being slightly cheaper?

    Also would it be worth an extra $50-100 to hunt down something comparable to the MM series speakers? say the MM6501 and the MM651

    Currently I have an older Pioneer 6000dvd head unit that came with the IRL donor car, planning on running it for another couple of years and then go to a later generation Pioneer app radio. I'm leaning to a sealed enclosure for a single 10in sub glassed in behind the drivers side wheel well. Amps are also still up in the air, I don't need anything too crazy as I have no intention of going past this level, (exception of possibly putting a pair of aura bass shakers in for more feel without more volume). Any amp recommendations would also be welcomed.
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      For 399 you better be getting one hell of a speaker. I can find many many less known but better brands for $100 less. At the price of the MM series polks I'd say save your money and go for HERTZ or Focal componets. Hertz go for the same as the MM polk series and the focal go for a little cheaper.

      Edit: I mean if you want to spend for those polks, go for it, but you're going to need a great amp to push them.

      Yes, go for components in the front for sure, you will get better midbass from the cone and a better soundstage from the separate tweeter and crossover. Rear obviously doesnt need that because bass is from the sub and pretty much anywhere stock will be firing towards you if its aimed up or forward. What is your price range for an amplifier?
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        no way I'm paying $400 for a pair of speakers with crossover for this car, but when I can get them for $200 new then they become an option, but one that I'd rather save some money if they aren't worth it. Thus the reason behind my questions.

        $350 will get me both the MM6501 for the fronts and the MM561 for the rear all shipped to my door brand new. But is it worth paying $350 for the MM series over the DXi/db series at around $250?
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        Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
        Saturns, I have them, too many of them actually


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          check out these

          really, here are the top five thatd id consider


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            I ended up getting Infinity Reference speakers for about $50/pair, and am very happy with them for the price. Sounds like you're looking at a bit higher price bracket, though.

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              Guess I;m a little late to the party, but I have always had good luck with Pioneers.
              My best friend had some Polks in his serria s-15 back in the day that sounded great too just off the head unit.
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                Little bit of an update, I was going through all the parts I pulled out of the ion donor car and noticed the speakers. Flipped them over and they are a pair of JL Audio C2-650X, planning on putting them in the rear hatch, the C2-650 components can be had for around $125 off of amazon so I figure the money saved from not having to buy two sets of speakers will allow for me to pick up the components for the front doors. Now just to order a amp and wire to finish up stage 1 of the audio build.
                Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
                Saturns, I have them, too many of them actually


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                  I ordered 4 of the Infinity Reference 6032cf speakers that PurdueGuy linked.
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                    I got two pairs of the Kenwood-KFC-1694PS and I really like the sound quality.
                    They claim 70 rms, so you can give them quite a bit of power too.

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                      Originally posted by jderry View Post
                      Now I'm hungry
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                        Originally posted by Fullnelson13 View Post
                        Thanks for the list and information. I wound up getting Infinity Reference speakers for about $50/combine, and am extremely content with them at the cost. Sounds like you're taking a gander at somewhat higher value section, however.


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                          JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION: For many years, and to this day, I do tons of research and comparisons of speakers before I purchase them. But I don't just look at watts per channel. The most important specs to me are frequency response and sensitivity. The ones with the lowest lows and highest highs. When I purchased my current 6.5" speakers, Clarion SRG-1623R had the best F/R and Sensitivity of any speaker I could find for the price, less than $50. In fact, they have better F/R than some bigger speakers and more expensive ones! Up until the late 90's, I swore Kenwood speakers had the best frequency response, so I ran nothing but Kenwoods in all my cars. But over the years, Clarion started making speakers of the same sizes with much better frequency response than Kenwoods, so Clarion is all I've used in 10 years or more. Really, I'm getting ready to purchase some Infinity Kappa speakers for front and rear, but their F/R is horrible for such expensive speakers! 45-25,000kHz is NOT a good spec for speakers costing twice as much as my Clarions that have a 30-30,000kHz frequency response! Of course the Infinity Kappa 6.5's have a better sensitivity rating at 95dB, but you would expect this from a 2.7 ohm speaker!

                          Yeah, I do a LOT of research of specs before I buy speakers, and have done for many years. From over 45 experience with car stereos in all my cars and friends/family members cars, along with subscriptions to tons of car audio magazines, I've learned what brands to steer toward and which ones to avoid. I've found Alpine speakers to have horrible specs, even though some handle good power. Kenwood used to have good specs, but now they're more like Alpine with horrible F/R but handle power. I would avoid like the plague anything from Boss, Dual, or any other low-budget cheap brand. Some of the best speaker specs are in the Pioneer TS series, and they sound awesome too.

                          I ran out of time, so I can't get much more technical, but if you have any further questions feel free to ask and I'll answer as best I can. I'm 61 years old, not some teenager who thinks he knows it all.


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                            I copied and pasted this from my current speaker comparison I've been doing for my next system. The 3 brands I've narrowed it down to are Clarion, Pioneer and Infinity. The best specs are in bold, but I don't have time right now to reformat this. Since you asked about 6.5's I deleted the 6x9's from this list.

                            BRAND/MODEL: TYPE: SIZE: RMS: MAX: SENS: F/R: IMP: PRICE:

                            Clarion SRG1623R (have) 2-way 6.5 40 260 91dB 30-30K 4 ohm $60
                            Infinity Alpha 6520 2-way 6.5 40 91dB 55-20K 4 ohm
                            Infinity Kappa 62iX 2-way 6.5 75 225 95dB 45-25K 2.7 ohm$100
                            Infinity PrimusPR6512is 2-way 6.5 55 165 88dB 53-20K 4 ohm $80
                            Infinity Ref REF-6522ex 2-way 6.5 55 165 93dB 57-21K 3 ohm
                            Pioneer TS-A1670F 3-way 6.5 70 320 87dB 37-24k 4 ohm $47 eBay
                            Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-way 6.5 50 320 90dB 32-40K 4 ohm $80
                            Pioneer TS-A1680F 4-way 6.5 80 350 88dB 36-25k 4 ohm $58 eBay
                            Pioneer TS-A1686R 4-way 6.5 60 350 91dB 35-38K 4 ohm $60


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                                I just got some Pioneer TS-A652C component speakers I like, but I also got a great employee discount on them.


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