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  • Project of the Trimester Trial Voting

    We have a lot of talented people on our website. We seek to reward those who came here in the hopes of big goals, and actually followed through with them.

    Therefore, I have compiled a list of builds that have generated interest thus far. Keep in mind, I am open to more nominations until July 20/2012. After that, there will be no more nominations accepted, so get them in quick!

    Nomination Deadline - July 20/2012 11:59PM CST
    Voting Deadline July 31/2012 11:59PM CST

    TypeSL2 - 1962 Chevrolet Impala

    First Post: I have mentioned this car a time or two on here and figured I would finally get some pics and info up about it. We are about to start working on it as soon as I got my gold car back up and running.

    1962 Chevy Impala, 283 with a powerglide. Been sitting for roughly 9 years. We are going to be dropping the tank and cleaning that all out, changing the oil and filter, replacing the battery, and probably getting rid of all the coolant. She's been in a garage the whole time, but I am sure there's going to be a lot of worn stuff from sitting for so long. We haven't exactly planned anything out just yet. Just want to get her back up and running first. Then we will have proper pictures.

    Last Post: I ended up with a clean starter after a little time with a wire wheel and some spray paint. Used engine enamel paint and clearcoat to keep it from rusting up again. Hopefully sunday we will get the rest of the pistons installed and install our new oil pan. Then we can flip the motor and work on the top end of things. You can see the LS1 intake and the harness as well as most of the boxes that have the parts for this motor. There is literally no room in our 2 car garage to put her car in there. That is the only thing holding us up from getting the car here. I have started on stripping the harness of the non-essentials, like the rear O2 sensors, EGR and Purge Solenoid. I will get some more pics of that when I get it cleaned up a bit more.

    coppertop_01+Hein - Lower A-arm Project

    First Post: Some food for thought. (Picture) Sketch in your ideas. I'm setting up to digitize the geometry.

    Last Post: it doesn't come in contact with the axle, other than having to install a spacer under the knockle to make the boot tight I didn't have to modify anything on the GTP ball joint.

    blastedSC2 - Turbo 3rd Gen SC2

    First Post: After 4 years of wasting way too much money, I am finally going to a more practical cheaper power. I got really good power with A LOT of Nitrous, but Kaboom! and FAIL for the last time. So here it goes, My Turbo Build.

    Last Post: everything is running like a greased up pig in the middle of a bunch or rednecks now ... smooth...

    so on to the updates i have a dyno session coming up and i will set up a camera and so on but shoud i run it for the last time on this set up or run the SDA head. At this point im torn from a completly built head with a completly built head from SDA... should i start tear down while i have warm summer time cold beers or wait and see which one was better. IMO i feel maxed out on this current head and im sure SDA ported his larger plus the ecotec springs plus oversized valves will help alot also.

    My current head: port polished ex side, port grinded in side port mached on both sides, Gude turbo cams, 2.2 ecotec valve springs, SDA high flow valves with valve job, SDA valves seals and decked slightly
    incoming SDA head: ported to the max, oversized valves, 2.2 ecotec springs, SDA valves, SDA valve seals, SDA turbo cams (i think) and decked .40...

    I'm torn between the two. I want to see if i can make it oficially into the Dyno queens but with out just squeeking in. so the question is tear down the beast and make a true mark or wait and squeek into the dyno queens for this summer....

    The Shaolin - 96 Suzuki Bandit GSF600S

    First Post: Replaced the Honda with something that is less vintage, can go on the highway, turn, accelerate, brake, comfortably haul passengers, etc...

    1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s, 12000 miles, 0 miles on brand new tires, PO had $1000 worth of work done to the bike last summer, including epoxy sealing the tanks and a complete carb rebuild. Bone bone bone stock. The previous owner parked her runnin for the winter and couldn't get it going the the spring. I spent two weeks messing with it and eventually got it to start. I took the carbs out and boiled the jets... and then I think the plugs were fouled and it was just flooded. Had to reach into the bag of tricks, but finally got it started (and only lost one eyebrow in the fireball, luckily I had an extinguisher nearby)

    [img](SAME AS ABOVE)[/img]

    Last Post: I bought the bike exactly one year ago today. Pretty fitting that today is the day it returns to the road. I have most of the bugs dialed out, and occasional stumble here and there but it's running great for the most part. Sounds ridiculous! Today I ordered a master cylinder rebuild kit, speed bleeders and spiegler brake lines. More pics later. Also need to install the Veypor VR3 when it gets here, and swap to my newer bandit front tire.

    psw71 - 1995 Saturn with LSJ

    First Post: (Teaser Picture) It's closer to being done than everyone thinks.

    Last Post: Yep wiring sucks ass! Need to remove everything I'm not going to use. If we ever get a break from this heat wave I'll work on it a little more. Need to get my AC hoses made so I can have me some cool air!
    Coppertop's Wagon
    BlastedSC2s Turbo Coupe
    Shaolin's Bike
    TypeSL2s Impala
    psw71's LSJ Coupe
    BoostedSidewayz RHW 5spd SW1

    The poll is expired.

    Last edited by SC2Sick; 07-17-2012, 07:08 PM. Owner
    2016 Honda Fit
    2002 Saturn SL1 - RHD
    2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax

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    I more meant draw attention to it, send me what you have and it can certainly be adapted into goings forward. I had actually put this up before talking to you this morning about it. Hell I can always take this down too and put whatever in its place Owner
    2016 Honda Fit
    2002 Saturn SL1 - RHD
    2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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      Ok, I added some stuff with the help of Darcy.. I'm going to keep the poll going and add entries as they come up. I'm going to roll with that format for now Owner
      2016 Honda Fit
      2002 Saturn SL1 - RHD
      2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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        I dig this man. Thanks for putting me in the running. I didn't even realize I was there when I voted yesterday. Jay needs to get his Camaro in here.

        Click these links for my many projects
        Shaved, Boosted, Purple Race Car
        '64 C10 Build Officially LQ/NV3500 Swapped and Bagged
        Soon to be bagged, LS Powered, '62 Impala


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          2016 Honda Fit
          2002 Saturn SL1 - RHD
          2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax


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            Vote options don't match the OP.

            Want to add the one or two that are missing and I'll add onto the OP those extra ones that are for vote?
            - Sixthsphere Admin Team -


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