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Rules for the Ride of the Month contest.

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  • Rules for the Ride of the Month contest.

    Rules for Sixthsphere Ride of the Month contest.

    You may enter up to 3 good pics of your Saturn. This is what people will be using to make their judgments, so make sure they are good quality images. You may want to have one good exterior, interior and engine shot but that is up to you. The car needs to be running, or have been running (if you just broke something, etc.. no big deal) but no project cars in the middle of a build (i.e. boosted cars that have not run since the build was started, no half built projects).

    Give me the year, make and model of your SATURN and list all of your INSTALLED modifications in the following categories;

    - Engine
    - Suspension
    - Interior
    - Audio
    - Exterior
    - Additional info

    Send your pics and info to me VIA PM and I will add it to that months contest.

    Entries will be taken each month from the 2nd - 15th, no entries will be taken after the 15th.

    Voting will begin on the 16th of the month, when the thread and poll are created to log all the votes. You may cast your vote from the 16th thru the end of the month, with the winner being crowned on the 1st.

    The winner will be added to the ROTM archive and have the ROTM badge under their avatar for the following month as well as an image of your car in the header (we have the right to use whatever picture fits best). You are allowed to enter as many times a year that you like but you can only win it once per year.

    If you have any questions, post in the ROTM section or PM myself or Tek.
    1993 SW2 - Slow and Low

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