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Gauge Cluster Swap List (00-02 S series Only)


  • Gauge Cluster Swap List (00-02 S series Only)

    This list if for third gen S series (SCx and SLx, 00-02 ONLY)

    For second gen clusters (95-99), click here

    So far, these are what we know work:

    03-04 Saturn L-series

    02-07 Saturn Vue

    Pops a service wrench

    05-06 Chevy Equinox

    Pops a service wrench

    05-06 Chevy Equinox

    never shows any wrench or ses light
    Traction Control light stays on Can we get a confirmation of this?

    ALL OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED SHOULD ALSO SWAP BETWEEN EACHOTHER WITH LIMITED TO NO ISSUES (IE: L-series using Vue, Equinox, or Torrent cluster, or Vue using L-series silver faced gauges)
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