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Coppertop's subframe brace installation instructions


  • Coppertop's subframe brace installation instructions

    Pics to come soon, first production unit will be installed soon.

    So here is how its done

    1. Jack up the front of the car on both sides

    2. Remove both wheels

    3. Choose a side, and remove the two a-arm bolts, one at a time, replacing them with the bolts supplied. (you could probably remove both bolts, but I did mine one at a time, in case the a-arm fell out or something.......probably not, but I wouldn't chance it) - Now if you have traction bars, you should remove the tension on the bar, cause I did notice that one of the bolts was giving me problems bolting in, cause of the holes slightly out of alignment due to the tension in the traction bar. It will go in, just alittle tight if you don't want to remove the tension.

    4. When the bolts are replaced on one side, go under the car, and put the bar in on the one side with the bolt protruding. Finger install the nuts on the protruding bolts.

    5. goto the other side, remove the a-arm bolts, one at a time, install the new ones, make sure that the go through the bar......this is where it might get alittle tricky, getting the 3 bolts are easy, the forth one might not line up 100%, twist in the bar, twist in the frame, whatever, use the jack to push the bar so that the hole lines up, install the last bolt

    6. Torque down all A-arm bolts first, then tighten the nuts under the car to the bar.

    7. Re-install wheels

    8. Lower car, re torque your traction bars if you loosened them to install the brace.

    9. Have fun.

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